"Her touch awakened my spirit to the healing that I needed after an injury. She is a gifted practitioner."Brenda /Kaiser Health Plan Specialist

"Gerri’s approach is collaborative, working with me to identify problems and approaches rather than working “on” me. I feel empowered in our work together, that my own sense of my body is an integral part of Gerri’s assessment and treatment. I really appreciate Gerri’s visualization “cues” that help me sustain the effects of my treatments long after I’ve left her office, not to mention helping me better understand my own relationship to my body and mind."Jackie/Professor

"I was somewhat desperate about my jaw clenching and teeth grinding at night which had resulted in significant damage. I’d had no experience with Acupuncture, but when I saw Gerri’s flyer, I made an appointment with Forest Spring Acupuncture holding a ray of hope that the deterioration going on in my mouth could be stopped and maybe even reversed. After my first session, my jaw was noticeably relaxed when I fell asleep and I have been able to begin the healing process. I’m really glad I found Forest Spring Acupuncture!"Gracie /Graphic Designer

"Gerri has been my acupuncturist through several life changes, including pregnancy. She is calm, competent, amazingly intuitive and very professional. She listens and responds to my needs with a variety of tools, including dietary recommendations, herbs, acupuncture and massage. I had not routinely sought out acupuncture as a treatment for pain or general well-being until I started seeing Gerri. I was experiencing a lot of physical and mental discomfort in the last trimester of my pregnancy, and seeing Gerri regularly helped both the pain and the fear tremendously. I am so grateful for that amazing difference in my physical and mental well being as I prepared to give birth to my daughter. In fact, seeing Gerri has made such a difference, my only regret is that it took me so long to start going. I highly recommend it!"CJ/ Organizer

"As a new Portlander, I have been avidly establishing my personal health care network based on recommendations and experiences....and when I find a great provider, I just want to shout it from the mountain-top. So, here is my virtual shout-out: Gerri Ravyn Stanfield is an incredible acupuncturist and herbalist. She has been providing me treatment throughout my pregnancy. From back aches, headaches to mood swings and irritability, She has helped to keep me in good health and away from tylenol!."Nikole /Public Health Specialist

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